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Certified Sports Agent and Attorney

CHAPMAN SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT is a full-service Sports and Marketing Agency based in Southern California. The Agency represents professional athletes in both player-team contracts and marketing/endorsement deals.  Its founder Chris Chapman is a certified agent for both the NFL and NBA. Mr. Chapman brings a wealth of legal knowledge and negotiating experience to the field of play for his clients. Contrary to most sports agents that get in the sports agency business without ever having practiced law or stepped in a courtroom, Mr. Chapman has been practicing law for well over a decade in California.  During that time he has been representing Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals in heavily contested litigation through trial and appeal. Mr. Chapman has parlayed this vast legal knowledge and negotiating experience to representing Fortune 500 athletes. Mr. Chapman works tirelessly for his clients so they know they are getting the best possible advice and representation. At the same time, Mr. Chapman will always tell his clients what he/she needs to hear instead of what he/she wants to hear. 

Giving back is a central theme of the Agency. Mr. Chapman refuses to lose sight of what's most important in life based on his own humble beginnings growing up in a small town in Texas (Texas City, TX) and makes sure to volunteer time at his local church Saddleback Church and other local charities. Mr. Chapman is very selective as to whom he represents and will only represent high character athletes that are not only role models off the field but also commit time to charity in their spare time. Hence, Mr. Chapman does not expect anything from his clients that his clients cannot also expect from him. That is what makes the relationship between Mr. Chapman and his clients so unique and personal.

Mr. Chapman prides himself on providing the best personal service available in the industry that much larger competing agencies cannot match. Mr. Chapman thrives on doing things the right way no matter what the obstacle with this mantra always in mind: "A promise is only as good as the character of the person that made the promise." -Rick Warren

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